That Feeling

It’s weird. That moment you realize your back in the section of life you leave behind after being away. I am back and now I don’t belong. Everytime a change happens, I change. Losing my routine, my mind thinks different, I feel different.
I returned changed, hopefully positive and vibrant…changed. This displacement feeling is why I try different. At times , I think I am searching for something and it may be with me already yet I can’t see it. Or maybe wanderlust has clouded my judgement; whatever it is I am different and seeking something…. always seeking.


small things

Waiting is what I have been doing since seven in the morning central Europe time to now after three US east coast time.  This is the longest friday in my life for it ends at midnight eastern time zone.
I am tired of lay-overs and waiting also a little sad about leaving Europe. My mood is a mix of tense,impatiences and wanderlust.
I am waiting in JFK trying to read my book and trying to not focus on the clock.  For I am checking the clock almost every third paragraph; checking time not sure why but I am.
In my read/clock watch something happens.  In the corner of my eye, it appeared. A little bird, hopping around and suddenly I felt still. A little bird made time still for me.



When I first began my blog I was confused on what it will mean. What would I write about? How can I express myself, improve my writing and open my artistic flow at the same type have no fear of what comments or judgements I can face. I have again been blessed, and able to live more of my dreams regardless of the uncertainty of really knowing the true how, where,why and when. Somehow, I persevered making dreams reality. Jour by Giorno means day by day in two languages , expressing my love for culture which comes with exploration.