I watch a bit of world from the eleventh floor at work. Today the sky is clear blue with hints of cloud coverage in the far background, possible smog arising. As I  look at the buidlings and the people walking below a balloon appears.
It’s shiny royal blue just floating away and up. It’s a tranquil sight. As it soars pass me , I just admire how fast and quickly it soars with the sun sparkling off of it.
Now the ballon, that I will name “Sparky” is leaving me, soaring pass the eleventh floor, the eighteenth and pass all buildings. It’s just sky and “Sparky”, with a few thin, see-through clouds; don’t remember the name; going up. It is quite beautiful to watch until I thought about further heights.  Sparky may cause harm to a bird who was just minding his bird business and gets tangled.  Or Sparky will lose pressure, fall and  pollute somewhere and know one will care.
Oh, the endless downturn  of events that await  Sparky.


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