Tomato, ToMato

The best way to spend a rainy, chilly Saturday in Georgia. Throwing tomatoes at total strangers and friends, who have had a lot of beer before noon. Atlanta had running with the Bulls and Tomato Royalb food fight, it was good. First, for all the PETA  people, it was not like Spain.  The bulls rain for a max of six minutes with cowboys. The people that participated, really shouldn’t have because it was like being at a cowboy show in the corral.  There was nothing going on. It made little sense. The animals were completely safe.

The tomato royale, was kind of dangerous; I got hit! And it hurt. They had some green tomatoes in the  bunch. Otherwise, it was a blast. I fell on people, was covered  with tomato juices and had an orgy of a good time.



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