I am a dreamer.  I can tell you almost every dream I had since I was dainty little tomboy with wild hair destroying almost every dress my mother put on me. I find dreams to be  mysterious and an adventure. I have always enjoyed listening to the adults talk about their dreams and how it relates to an island superstition. I love these stories or as scholars call them “folklore”.

I miss telling my grannies and my great aunts my dreams ( God rest their 4’5 in souls). When you told them your dream , you had to give detail , nothing could be left out.   Then the memories of interpretation would happen, pulling out a old Bible with shaky cursive writing, a note would be made in the front , back,side page or something would be referenced and poof a meaning. My ancestors were great interpreters, I find myself missing the stories from my youth. While many kids were read Cinderella , I had tales of mermaids, spirits and what the beating of a tamarind drum could  do. There was no censorship in my house. God, the Devil and all in between was told.   At times I was fearful yet , I stayed up most nights to hear.

Now, I have been dreaming in a vivid way. My dreams have felt fast forward, as if I am peeking into my future with a slight blur. I can see yet I cannot see, it is frustrating. In the past this has happen  to me. It feels like deja vu, when  the day dreamed  happens I literary stop what I am doing, it is an eerie feeling.

I need a dream interpreter. Since I live in the good ol’South, my chances are very slim on finding a person to swap tales with. I tell my mom , but she knows as much as I do. I tried to Google dream interpretations online,  they all read too new age for me; which I find utterly wrong  ( by Caribbean standards). The true test for me  regarding a good interpretation is a death and a marriage.  A death means a marriage or a  new beginning and a marriage means a death or and end.  Should these two mean something totally different I cannot follow it. I am brainwashed and it’s unwashable. Since many of my “grans” have passed on the meanings of my dreams go untold, and left to my  acculturated logic.

So I just dream and wonder.


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