So, I am here… for the moment

Traveling like Romans??

Traveling like Romans??

I am scared. I wanted  to be somewhere far away from my familiar and yet all I crave is my  familiar-my crutch of safety. I am scared half the time because although, I have made new friends and am having a great time; I am lonely. I am a scared introvert half the time.  I am in Italy, Rome to be exact the Eternal City of Love. It is  a nice city from a touristic view, full of OO’oos and AAAaaa’s yet working here is a totally different story.

I wanted to try something different since I didn’t do anything stupid enough as a youngster, I decided to leave my miserably cushy job of constant work, no free time and lack of social life for teaching English in Rome. This life so far is full of social time, countless free time, uncushy work schedule with espresso in three hour intervals and little work ethics. I never thought I would join the bandwagon of countless expats, but it’s true ..Italy is straight confusion.  Sorry Italy, maybe it’s because I am a new arrival still on a US schedule but there are some things that just baffle me.

I have learned so much about the system here I am surprise Italians are still living here.  This country is a treasure of archeological finds, sweet people with a naïve nature at times yet they are stuck in a cycle that is not good. I will say I respect their values  always placing family and socializing first. This is the main reason I am here.. I am getting drawn in at the same time I pull out. I am not sure what to make of it. It’s a corky place with many wonderful things , yet so confusing.

So I ask you…..Why does the bank close at one for lunch and open at 3:30-4pm only to close at five?? Why does the Metropolitana go on strike between the hours of  noon-4 & 8-midnight on Wednesdays and Fridays. Why does the bus  driver drive the bus like a race car  seeing  a bunch of people waiting  at a stop and still pass by only to stop in the middle of traffic so passengers can board? Why after a person turns 25 years old they cannot really find work because companies won’t hire them since they will have to start paying  tax for their pension plan? Why do cleaning crews clean the city at night when they cannot see the garbage thus it looks the same the next day?  Why is it that Italians know English grammar rules way better than English speakers yet they cannot speak in English? I can keep going.

The answer to all these questions..” E ‘solo cosi ”… It’s  just so.



So, I am here for a few months of my life. A new adventure in a new world. I needed to try something outside of my comfort zone and this is it.  I believe my thought will change the more normal these things become to me and soon I too will say ” E ‘solo cosi” about everything here and abroad.


So torturous ..the agony of being able to walk in peace on a beautiful day.

So torturous ..the agony of being able to walk in peace on a beautiful day.


One thought on “So, I am here… for the moment

  1. Oh gosh. This is my first time visiting your site and I see myself your blog! lol I’m Jamaican living in Los Angeles heading to Bologna, Italy in July for a few months. My job has crushed my soul and I decided if I didn’t make this move now I won’t change this mundane cycle. My family is my life but I’m too comfortable and feel like I must take this leap. Although I’m terrified to go for the simple fact that I’m such an introvert and afraid I won’t meet anyone but you know what I won’t know until I try right? Thanks for sharing your experience. I look forward to reading more. Take care! 🙂

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