Snowpocalypse Atlanta?


I just want to thank Georgia for allowing me to experience another January snow flurry rush that again turned the Atlanta area into a ghost apocalyptic -Jesus is coming  town for about two days.  This event has made Georgia an over night reality star. It all began Tuesday after 10 am , cute white dainty flurries started to dance around the area. LA-La-LA!, The cute little flurries were still flurrying ( if that’s a word ) around noon, so I took Frenchy, my pup,  for a walk. I figured this should be interesting. Again this is my second snow experience in  Atlanta , I knew it would not disappoint.  I live near a popular mall in north Atlanta, literally ten minute walk; as I reach outside my subdivision ,  I hear horns, I then see cars bumper to bumper. I walk some more since Frenchy is a great lover of snow and cold weather frolicking  along while I watch people honk to move although, no one can move since it’s bumper to bumper traffic. I witness two fender benders walking and heard one a distance away. I finished my little discovery walk around 1:30 pm, the flurries were still flurrying ( i like this word :)). The snow  kept falling until late evening.  I turned on the t.v. to  watch, I really didn’t think it would have turned out the way it did-Really I didn’t.

This is what happen , Atlanta was given a  warning for a few days the warning was confirmed 3 am  Tuesday morning by the Weather Channel, which is located….in Atlanta. For some reason, schools were still functioning, people went to work  , little was said. I must say I know there are some parents that had no choice , however for those of you who could have …WHY SEND YOUR KID TO SCHOOL??  countless little people had to spend Tuesday night and some /most of Wednesday stuck at school.  Every employer did a sudden  massive evacuation  thus resulting in people on the road since 2 in the afternoon spending the night in their cars, abandoning their cars, walking to shelter. It was The Road come to life!.The roads were not pre-treated. The salt truck couldn’t really get in since the massive traffic jam, also they had sent the salt trucks further south of Atlanta to other cities they believed would be in worse shape. This was an epic fail just Epic. EPic. EPIc.  EPIC…FAIL.

The results:   AL Roker had to tell off the state of   Georgia because they claim this came as a surprise.  Governor Deal and Mayor Reed denied knowing then said they trusted local meteorologist over national, which makes no sense since the local -Weather Channel is located where ATLANTA. Children and Teachers ended up having a sleep over at school. People spent 24 plus hours in their car, hopefully no one had to do a number two. People abandon their vehicles all over the perimeter. Major retailers  Whole Foods , Home Depot and Target let people sleep over.  Over a thousand accidents. People who could, let strangers spend the night ( this is southern hospitality). The National Guard came . A baby was born on the highway-Hello Gracie, Welcome to the “A” .

All this due to roughly two inches of snow.

In conclusion..I have none .

Snowy Day