It Happens

When you are heart broken does it make sense to continue wailing. Months pass,  days, hours and minutes and yet nothing will truly stop the heartbreak.
When the wall of emotions has been penetrated and the idea of “together has been reached. The invader plants his flag of victory only to run away. To become complicated when in truth there’s nothing to complicate.
The captive feels betrayed. You let him in and he saw the truth of you.  Was it too intense, too naive, too freeing?? Regardless, the end happened. 
So, why carry the grief into the next life?  Happy moments are not emphasize like the disasters of life. Acknowledge the situation and let it be free. Time reveals and the captive is no longer a captive. The captive is free again.
Not many people get this chance to be free again. To soar with the eagles . To oversea the world once more.
It’s tragic yet hold the beauty of what was , acknowledge the ending for what it truly means and soar.