How I roll

Hello, I keep fading out. I am completely overwhelmed this chapter of my life here.  The first six months have been so boggling learning a  language, culture,  fashion, guys and bureaucracy!

I still feel like a fish without water, actually no that is extreme. I am not dying or on  the verge… I realized as I wrote that expression that it’s a horrible to image.

Okay where was …..I am an immigrant!

The first time I said this I paused. It’s  a profound thing. My parents did this when I was small so I had no understanding of what it feels like to say that sentence for the first time.

I think if you can be an immigrant for a spell is great experience despite the feelings of confusion, discomfort, enculturation  and the most diabolical……learning a  language.

I have enriched myself even though it was never my goal. In truth, I have no goals here or a logical reason why I am really here. When I am asked, “Why Italy?” My answer is very honest and truthful…I don’t know.

Really, I don’t know. I had a very good understanding of what life would be like here, I knew that bureaucracy would be my spouse, I knew the pay was low, I knew that the culture is slow, I knew that finding a job could be very.difficult, I  knew what housing would be like yet here I am.

I found a house in a trendy zone in a week, a job in two weeks, and bureaucracy is truly a motherfucker. I have friends here mostly other expats , Italians are friendly yet  the guys are more willing to  hang out than girls (Italian girls are not that friendly) and some nonne (grandparents). I am holding my own here.




Bawstun aka Boston

A somber feeling invades me, reminding me yet again violences is constant and everywhere. The newest addition happen in Boston during a marathon. Death  doesn’t just happen anymore, people accelerate the arrival. I think Death is about to get fired and The Fates  too, since men have taken their job. Now Death and The Fates need to file for unemployment.

I have been to Boston and had a great time there especially with Boston dialect “Copley?…  no Cawple”
It was truly a place I never expected to get bombed, drunk definitely, disorderly conduct-certainly.

Just another reminder to fix your life,  be real with people you heart, start your bucket list today ….Live your dreams and capture happiness and never let it go .






Have you ever walked up to an ants nest and sprinkle water on it?  I have , I remember how crazy and unorganized the ants became because I ruined the routine ( sorry ants of my youth).  This is the similiar response tsa agents have when screening me.
I am  not a fan of the body scanner machines at the airport. I decided  for now on I will ask for a pat down. The first time I asked it threw the tsa agent off. The agent kept asking me why, as if it’s a bad thing. I told her I was not a fan of the body scanners.  She kept trying to talk me into it like a salesperson ….”you know your cellphone is worst”; my reply “So”.  Thus I have begun a journey of airport pat downs.  I never ask for a private room ….nope in the open , just in case.