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  1. My father remarried my current stepmother in Jamaica so I was lucky enough to go along for the ride. Lady, I have never seen more beautiful people in my life! Everyone looked like a six foot tall model. It was insane! Such a beautiful place but unfortunately it seems that corporations have taken over the country (kind of like what happened in Cuba before Fidel went nuts). Is that true? Aaah, and my little sister fell in love with a boy named Sunshine. lol. Memories.

    • Oh shit…I just saw this… I was not being notified of replies. Sorry.

      Yes we are corporation central-RIO Resorts are owned by a guy in Spain. Sandals a few billionaires and so forth. They qrease the pockets of politicians so they dont have to pay the proper tax which would greatly help the country.
      Small resorts are the best for return-to-island profits shares. And thanks for the compliments about the model look.

      I have a great story about a southern baptist missionary preacher who rented my family home. Planning to change the “sinning” ways of Jamaicans and sexual openness. He was a typical southern preacher condeming everything. He didn’t think much of us, our music, food,slang ecc. Long story short after two years he left his family and Jesus for a Jamaican woman. We Convert Saint to Sinner. He still lives in JA just not in our house. He is engaged to this girl and he has picked up island ways.

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